About Buti Yoga

BUTI Yoga, derived from the Marathi word buti meaning the “cure to something hidden or kept secret,” is a dynamic asana practice that combines various styles of power yoga with tribal-influenced dance sequences and plyometrics. This fusion of styles and methods is designed to increase the heart rate and free one’s inner spirit. 

By focusing on spiraling movements aimed at unlocking the Shakti Spiral, BUTI yoga releases the hips to help energy flow freely in the first and second chakras . 

Buti Yoga unlocks energy that transforms your body’s physique, boosts your energy, and taps into your deep-rooted confidence and radiance. This is a journey toward personal transformation  by creating a connection between fitness and spirituality. 

Meet Emily

Born and raised in New York City, Emily Gonzalez grew up amid the sounds of diverse popular music genres, which has fueled her love for, and expertise in, barre work, hip hop, salsa, and reggae dancing. A highly in-demand dental hygienist to the stars by day, Emily has devoted her free time to infusing the spiritual and embodied principles of BUTI Yoga with urban and tribal dance.  

A protégé of BUTI Yoga founder Bizzie Gold, Emily has spent the last five years teaching Vinyasa Flow and BUTI Yoga. She has AFFA, NASM, and Yoga Alliance- accredited certifications in BUTI Yoga and HOTCORE® + BUTI® SCULPT. In 2018, Emily became a Master Trainer of BUTI YOGA and travels regularly across the country to teach certification courses for aspiring instructors. 

Emily is available for both private and group instruction.